Brendan Durkin

Born 22.8.1969 Kalgoorlie
Worked Mostly in Drilling
Lives in Bali for 12 years, married to Dayu, son Tysan
and 2 daughters Bella and Angel.
Own & operated a fishing boat in Bali for 8 years,
have been friend with Warren for 10 years.

Looking forward to helping Warren run the restaurant.
I promise not to eat all the Oysters, especially Kilpatrick.




Hiring for the Front of the House

Stocking the Front of the House

Promoting Your Restaurant

There are many different jobs within a restaurant, and every single one, from the owner to the dishwasher, is essential to making a restaurant run smoothly. Many people think working in a restaurant is easy, but waiting tables, tending bar, hosting, and even properly bussing tables requires special skill sets with which not everyone is equipped. Restaurant personnel who work the dining room and bar need be friendly, organised, and quick thinking. Experience is a plus, but the right person can learn quickly with on-the-job training.

The front of the house is the only area customers see, so it should consistently reflect the theme or concept of your restaurant. It should be designed efficiently, balancing ambiance with seating capacity.

Certain pieces of front of the house equipment are also important in running an efficient restaurant. A well-stocked wait station will have everything servers and hosts need to provide excellent service. While the seating you choose can maximize the layout of the dining room, restrooms and waiting areas also need to be considered. There are also technical issues to consider, such as installing a point of sale (POS) system to track sales.

There are many types of promotions and marketing strategies you can use to bring in customers and keep your front of the house busy all year long. Restaurant promotions, whether run daily, weekly or monthly, are great ways to show customer appreciation and bring in extra business at the same time. Promotions can range from a nightly happy hour to an annual customer appreciation day, with drink and dinner specials.

Menu planning is a great strategy for promoting your restaurant. You can keep the menu interesting by featuring specials such as a steak and seafood night, dishes made with fresh seasonal produce, or a new low carbohydrate section.



As regular travellers to Bali it can be hit and miss as far as restaurants go, and Meads in Bali, Tanjung Benoa is a definite hit. Myself, wife Julie with friends, Bev and Dave, dined at Meads during the first week of our holiday and we all agreed the food, service, restaurant and staff were terrific. We enjoyed it so much we went a few more times during the second week of our holiday. Each time having a different dish. Personally I recommend the octopus dish, so tender and juicy. Julie loves the red emperor…… can’t wait until we’re back again.

One thing in Bali is being able to cook seafood correctly without crucifying it as most places do. Meads in Bali do it perfectly. Well done to Warren and team, thank you once again for your hospitality and we look forward to seeing you all again when we get back there.


Meads in Bali

Was born when celebrity restauranteur Warren Mead, famous for his restaurant empire in Perth, fell in love with Bali, which has now become his mainstay for Eleven plus years in Tanjung Benoa. Meads Beach Bar & Grill boasts over 40 years of experience, mastering the art of cooking fresh produce and seafood perfectly to bring out their delicate flavours. A stone’s throw away from the white sandy beach of Nusa Dua, Meads Beach Bar & Grill has successfully pulled off a family friendly environment together with a sports bar.


Dear Craig Billings,

I’m really thankful that you supported me at MEADS IN BALI during your Bali Island escape, it gave me a lot of pleasure to prepare for the simple fish experience demonstration, it’s quite time consuming to get everything ready to rock and roll and it seems that everyone got something out of the day. Craig sincerely, if you have time, a mention on “TripAdvisor” or your social media would be a great help for us going forward. So just revising some points on the day, be sure you select the correct fish, always try and select whole fish and ask to have it filleted, store your fish, dry, vacuum plastic in an ice slurry, store your salad items in the correct manner. When your food is ready to serve, ensure your plates are hot with no finger prints, and make sure everyone has been to the toilet, especially the chicks, so a brief overview……

Outstanding Fish Fillets

Flour lightly, egg wash into medium hot non stick pan, that has then oil, butter (Japanese crumbs are a nice option) cook inside of fillet down side for about 4 minutes so you have a nice golden colour, turn for about ¾ minute, brush fish with pan juices and fresh lemon, salt pepper serve immediately if not sooner. Egg wash: 2 eggs, ½ cup water beat up the mixture, not too heavy, just add a bit more water.

Outstanding Mash Potato

Peel potatoes; boil until well brown, then drain water, add salt, pepper, a teaspoon of chicken stock powder (optional) contain in red plastic container is the best. Plenty of cream, butter, some olive oil, gives a nice finish, mash it all together with finally chopped onion, outstanding!

Outstanding Salad

Cos lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, chives, (quail eggs optional), chopped chives, fresh soya beans, toss with olive oil, fresh lemon, salt, pepper, table spoon of malt vinegar or balsamic. That’s the end, take good care and come back soon.

The Seductive Powers of the Humble Oyster


The natural oyster has enjoyed a reputation of close association with sex for a thousand years as a natural aphrodisiac. It’s like eat two dozen natural and away you go! Few men have discovered the power of introducing the natural oyster to a woman who simply would never contemplate eating one for whatever reason; often it’s the association with oral sex and the inability to swallow an oyster…. But who knows. So hopefully after you have read this story, yesterday’s history and tomorrows an exciting mystery.

The way to change those seemingly impossible negative thoughts and association, is to teach your woman or any woman, how to eat a simple fresh natural oyster.

Firstly, it’s about timing, and recognising a situation, maybe it’s a beautiful day, lunch on the beach at Kandara, a glass of champagne…. The sun is shining…. There is a beautiful woman sitting opposite…. Unfortunately, she is married to a protective spouse and a monster. Remember, I said this story is about winning a place in a woman’s heart forever, not seducing someone else’s wife, even though maybe the thought has crossed your mind momentarily.

Everyone orders oysters and the beautiful Baby Mona Lisa says “I wouldn’t eat a natural oyster if my life depended on it.” Here is your opportunity to gain a spot in Mona Lisa’s heart, not just the moment but forever. Name me one other item in the world, (apart from money) that’s has the power to achieve this and it’s now… it’s instant…. It’s fun.

This story doesn’t work for everyone because obviously the virile oyster eating male (or female) teacher can’t transmit the natural power of the oyster without a love for the oyster yourself. So I say to baby Mona…. Hey Mona…. Have you ever tried to eat oysters… yes, but it made me gag!!! So, I say would you be happy to try again… Please just one time…. Come sit next to me …. Just try one more time.

So, Mona comes over…. And this story is about closeness and belief.

If Mona comes over and you can see that she has lost interest. Forget it, leave it for another day. Anyway I have her attention and we are ready for the adventure.

Firstly, we ensure the product is very fresh, we order… (One yes… one solitary, fresh, delicious, natural oyster) on crushed ice, with a wedge of lemon nothing else. Remembering you must identify and know the product just the right size, medium / small, with no sign of spawn, which is when the oyster blooms and goes creamy normally in summer out of warm water. We want meaty not creamy…. Now Mona, we have to prepare this oyster together so here we go… our ingredients lemon, salt, white vinegar, black pepper, Tabasco sauce and course our oyster. Finally, a simple teaspoon!

It is essential that your baby Mona Lisa prepares her solitary oyster, it’s an adventure, it’s scary, maybe a sip of Moet Champagne to cleanse the pallet and enhance the flavour…. So Mona takes the teaspoon and drizzles a half a teaspoon of white vinegar over her oyster to mingle with its natural fresh juices, she squeezes some juice from the fresh lemon taking care not to add any lemon pips to the sensational and now slightly sensual adventure… then she takes a very small pinch of sea salt (only sea salt). A very small amount of fresh black pepper and 2 drops of Tabasco. By this time the intensity is overpowering even if she doesn’t like it, she is going to say she does….!

Finally, Mona takes the teaspoon and moves the oyster very carefully around in its shell… now Mona, when the oyster and the beautiful collection of fresh flavours goes into your mouth… just gently chew it, 3 maybe 4 times… then swallow. She must take the oyster in the teaspoon with the collection juices or take the shell and tip it all in together, the latter is more adventurous and normally by the 3rd oyster accompanied by the ritual…. She’s right into it… shell and all.

Now you are in Monalisa’s heart. She will never leave you and never ever forget you.


Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00 (Every Day)
Location: Jl. Pratama No.79x, Tanjung Benoa
WA: +62 819-9903-9518
E: meadsinbali@gmail.com   |   W: meadsbali.com